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The giant bestseller Full Diamonds 3 STEP CrystaLac is available in single colors.

You can never get tired of glamor. This is true for all periods of the year. Especially when it comes to beautiful colors like the shades of Full Diamonds that shine like thousands of tiny diamonds

The result of years of serious research and development is CrystaLac: this color material provides durability of colored gels with ease of lacquering.More creamy, elastic and soluble. Gently softens, gently covers, completely cures to UV or LED light - no damage, no scratches.


Cure in UV lamp 2-3 minutes, in LED 1-2 minutes.

Used for natural nails.

The base gel of the material is Base Gel , Compact Base Gel , Color Up Base Gel , Cover Pink Base Gel or Cover LightPink Base Gel . Cover gel, Clear 0 / Top CrystaLac , Cool Top Gel or Easy Off Top Gel for nail strengthening .

3 STEP CrystaLac lasts 3 weeks. 
Dissolve up to 10 minutes (depending on material thickness and solvent).


CN Tip: For thin nails Easy Off Gel Hardener quits , or Compact Base Gelquits strengthen the nail plate.


Thanks to PolyHybrid technology, CrystaLac is more durable and has much higher coverage. Its colors have an increased pigment content. The flattened brush is placed on the nail to work more precisely and evenly with the material. Unique color is not only spectacular, but also practical: your guest can at first glance choose their favorite color.

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