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Revolutionary flexible "metallic" Chro ° Me CrystaLac

Chrome nails lasting for 2 weeks! Unique technology! Secret composition!

Unique revolutionary development in the world with a unique gel lacquer technique: chrome CrystaLac, which has been impossible so far! 

CrystaLac is a flexible and removable metallic chrome. With Chro °Me CrystaLac you can achieve a metallic, chrome effect on both natural nails and artificial nails. It is based on ONE STEP CrystaLac 0 and finishes on Chro ° Me Top. For a lasting effect - increase your durability by 1 week - cover the elastic Chro ° Me Top with the removable Easy Off Top Gel for natural nails and Xtreme To Shine for the nail.

It can be used after nail reinforcement and on nails by applying the ONE STEP CrystaLac 0 base on which Chro ° Me is applied to the matted surface.

You can also create special decorations with Chro ° Me CrystaLac. In this case, apply it to any dry binder surface, such as Royal Gel, 3D Dense Gel, Art Gel, Xtreme Top Shine . It can be applied on buffered or grated surfaces for an antique effect. In these cases too , it should be covered with Chro ° Me Top.

Use it extra thinly (it is recommended to apply only one coat, as it will have a nicer surface and easier to dry, resulting in a longer lasting finish)! Do not smear the nail! Shake well before use. Chro ° Me CrystaLac dries in the air, but cure it for at least 3-4 minutes in UV or LED light for perfect cure.

It is worthwhile to apply a second coat to the Chro ° Me Top , which may be Easy Off Top Gel, One Step Crystal 0 or Xtreme Top Shine depending on the base. It is important that the second coat is applied to the surface after the Chro ° Me Top is light-cured so that the layers adhere properly.

The perfect chrome effect is achieved only with the official Chro °Me technique.

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