• 499 kr

Thicker version of the original Cover Refill Gel.  Natural look builder gel, designed for refills.  The colour is a semi-opaque version of the most popular cover pink.

When using for refills, the gel can be used to full thickness over the nail bed extension, as it has less pigment than cover pink so a full depth cure is possible.  This also makes the process quicker as you don't need the two layers of cover pink/clear builder gel.  Also the semi-opaqueness creates the faded gradient looks at the cuticle area.

It is also a great gel to build one colour nails that are to have full colour or art on top.  After free edge construction, building the nail structure is quicker as one gel can be used; therefore due to it being a more opaque gel, less colour layers are required to get full depth and coverage compared to a nail created in a clear builder gel.

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