• 99 kr

Top quality builder gel with unique pigments.

Galactic Builder Gels are basically Xtreme Clear Builder Gels with an interstellar twist. The galaxy spiral effects that the two colorways – Violet and Red – bring to your nail technician table are so amazing that you’ll easily impress all of your clients, whether they are terrestrial or extraterrestrial. Galactic Builder Gels cure in UV and LED. 

Colorful builder gels with a glossy finish and a unique spiral galaxy effect. Xtreme Clear Gel base, consequently has the same properties. No need to stir it prior to use, as the pigments do not settle at the bottom of the bottle. Use it in itself to fill the free edge, although the unique spiral galaxy effect is at its most spectacular when applied onto a darker-colored base coat.

Transparent builder gel boasting the unique Galactic effect. As you stir the material with a brush, the pigments move with it, resulting in a colorful spiral of red, copper, yellow and green. Easy to pinch and mold. Non-yellowing hard gel with an added UV filter and a curing-accelerator agent. Perfect for filling free edges, fits great with warm colors.

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