XTREME GEL BRUSH - Crystal Nails Sweden


  • 169 kr

Synthetic Hair Gel Builder Brush with 1mm hair longer than 6 Gel Brush. Recommended for medium density and softer materials such as Titanium Gel , Builder Clear I. , Builder Clear II. , Cover gels, pink building gels or white gels.


CN Tips:

  • Gel brushes after use of clean dry paper towel ecseteidet between two cards. The Cleanser polyalkyl cleaning the brush dry out hair, so its use is not recommended. Use it only if your brush's handle is a gel.
  • Before first use, remove the adhesive thoroughly and thoroughly brush your brush with a transparent build-up gel. Then wipe the brush between the 2 paper dry wipers. You can also remove pigments from your brush.
  • Hold a separate brush for a pigment construction glove, so it will not stain your transparent materials.

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